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Daylesford Christmas Tree Farm prides itself on providing the highest quality freshly cut Christmas Trees to the community.
Each tree is at least four years old and has been sculpted several times per year to ensure a perfect formation.

Situated on a farm in rural Victoria means that each tree has recieved the best of care.
The philosophy of Daylesford Christmas Tree Farm is for every tree cut, a new one is planted.

The most common problem with Christmas Trees is the issue of how to position it within the house. To ensure that the tree is stable, you can purchase an optional Christmas Tree Stand. These stands will provide you with a method of watering the tree whilst ensuring that it does not fall.

Once you have your tree, it is vital that it is placed out of direct sunlight. If placed within the optional Christmas Tree stand and watered daily, you can expect to recieve at least four weeks of pleasant viewing.


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